There are at least two options available to you if you need to ship or store items. Such options are plywood boxes and wooden crates. It’s always great to have choices but the problem with that is it’s sometimes difficult to pick one over the other? To make it easier, you have to know what are the pros and cons when using both.

You need either one of these two packaging materials if you need a container to protect your shipment as they are being transported from one place to another. Both have their own advantages and disadvantages and the choice you’ll make will mostly depend on the items that you intend to ship.

When to Use a Plywood Box

A plywood box is normally used when shipping fragile and lightweight items. Good examples are items that are made of glass other breakable items that need extra protection. The sizes of these boxes may vary, and they are usually assembled in a warehouse. There are customized and premade plywood boxes available.

Among the many benefits of plywood boxes is their durability. They can hold a lot of weight, which is why they are also used to ship equipment, goods, and parts. These boxes offer a higher level of security for the items shipped because these boxes have to be pried open to get the items inside it.

When to Use Wooden Crates

Compared to plywood boxes, wooden crates are more flexible. Their sizes can be customized and there are at least three types of wooden crates that can be used. The three types are the collapsible crates, fixed crates, and customizable crates.

Wooden crates are widely preferred by many manufacturers and distributors because they’re reusable and modifiable. The crates are also ideal for safe-keeping because they can easily be stacked on top of each other.

Which One Should You Use?

Wood crates are easy to transport using forklifts and pallet jacks. There are crates that are made of plastic and metal as well, in case you prefer those than the ones made with wood, but they’re more expensive. The reason why wood crates are preferred by most is that they’re flexible and affordable. So, if you need a cost-effective solution for packing and shipping your items, wood crates are your best choice.

But while wood crates are cheaper and more versatile, they are not as secure as the plywood boxes. Wood crates can be easily tampered and its content may slip through the slits. But then, when it comes to costs, plywood boxes are more expensive because you need to pay for the whole box.

The choice between these two is entirely yours. Each type has its own benefits and both of them offer advantages given different situations. But generally speaking, if you’re shipping heavy weight goods and goods that require added protection, you’re better off with plywood boxes. However, if your purpose is customization and storage, then the wood pallet is the one that you should use. If you need wooden crates Houston, seek for a reputable company that offers them in your area.